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Dates and chronology

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I had no idea until I read a leaflet from the Friends House Library today that there was a discrepancy in dates between Scotland and England.  Their helpful PDF leaflet on Quaker dates also has a section on the change from the Julian calendar, where the first day of the year was March 25 and […]

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Keeping records straight

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How you keep your records becomes more important, the longer you study your family history and the more records you have.  Making your system too complex soon becomes overwhelming.  It begins to become too much of a chore and starts to make the likelihood of you bothering to record the sources of your information less […]


The future may unlock the past

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I am indebted to the wonderful Lost Cousins newsletter for a link to an article on the Genetic Genealogist website, which explains that it may be possible in the future to test artifacts such as licked envelopes and stamps, in order to test our ancestors’ DNA.  As reported in this article on testing artifacts for […]

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Public Domain Review

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I’ve been away for some months.  Two family health crises and two bereavements later, I’m back. Apologies for the gap in transmission!  I think one of the saddest jobs of a family historian is to add a death date for a family member or partner, and I’ve had to do that twice in five months. […]