About me

My name is Fee Berry, and I’ve been doing family history research for more than 30 years. I have researched my own family, and helped dozens of other people find their family history. I have particular expertise in the use of UK census returns for family history, and have found people that others have been searching for for years.

I am a Quaker, a composer, a writer and a virtual worlds creator, but the subject which excites me and is the activity I enjoy the most, is researching family history. I love researching people’s families, and I gain as much pleasure from finding someone else’s great grandmother as I did from finding my own.

I moved from west London to rural Lincolnshire seven years ago, but I’m lucky enough to have a fast internet connection and thousands of books, which I use to give colour and background to my work. In 2015 I lost my father, and made a visual biography for his life to show at the gathering we held after his funeral. People were nice enough to say that they found it moving and interesting, and they encouraged me to add this to the services I was proposing to offer on this website.

I will be writing regular blog articles for this website, so if there is a general subject you would like me to write about, please let me know.