Music for memorials and funerals

It’s become a bit of a cliche to use “I did it my way” for a funeral, but often the music is chosen by the person themselves.  I always counsel against very upbeat music at a memorial or funeral, simply because one of the uses of a service, whether in person or online, is to allow people to grieve and to let them say goodbye.  Most people don’t feel the emotion of “Simply the Best” or “I’m still standing” is coherent with their grief.

There’s a lot of lovely music which would be useful for a funeral.  This is just a selection of the things I like. I’ve chosen youtube videos, as the easiest way for you to be able to hear the music and decide if you like it.

O Magnum Mysterium, Nordic Chamber Choir

Clouds by Solomon Grey – this is an excerpt from the longer piece of music.

A Sparrow Alighted Upon Our Shoulder by Johann Johannsson

The Lark Ascending by Vaughn Williams

Cornfield Chase by Hans Zimmer

Spem in Alium by the Tallis Scholars (by Thomas Tallis)

Not going to apologise for putting a piece of my own music, which is licensed as Creative Commons for use by anyone:


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