Family History Consultancy

Consultancy over problems in your family history

Every family historian who has researched their family for any length of time will find themselves up against brickwalls.  Sometimes these can be overcome because new information is released or added to the main online sites, sometimes it’s necessary to visit a local county archive or library, or dig into guild or manorial records.  Sometimes new eyes on the problem can suggest ways to overcome it.  I have suffered from blindness over an ancestor and searched for years for my great-great grandfather’s death before 1911 because my great-great grandmother had remarried in that year and described herself as a widow.  It took someone else gently suggesting that maybe they had parted ways and that he hadn’t died to lead me to find him alive and well until 1931 and also bigamously married in Edmonton!

If you have a brickwall, or need background on something obscure, or have questions about research that you have already completed, I can offer consultancy services to review the information or conduct research.