Family History Research

The more information I can be given about your family, the easier it will be to start.  At the very least I will hope to know your name, place and date of birth, your mother’s name, place and date of birth and your father’s name, place and date of birth.

If you wish for a quotation for family history research I will need to know as much as you can tell me about your family, and whether you wish to research the family name, or wish for a total ascent, following all the families which marry into the family.  I tend towards the total family ascent/descent as all your grandmothers, great-grandmothers and great-great-grandmothers are as much a part of your history and genetics as the grandfathers with whom you share a surname, but that’s a personal choice.  Sometimes, because of bad feeling within a family, someone will only want to follow one line, and it may not be the surname that they were born with.  Whatever you want, I can follow your brief.

I will also need to know from you whether you wish to obtain all certificates for the events in your family history.  These now cost £6.50 in PDF form, or £9.50 as a paper certificate and will be charged at cost, although the time required to order them will of course be charged to your project.

Finally I need to know how you would like the information presented at the end of the project, and whether you wish for a narrative explanation in book form, a chart or GEDCOM.