Online Parish Clerks

Online Parish Clerks are not parish clerks who have made it into the digital age, but volunteers who have access to specific parish registers, and who may assist you in finding a particular entry or a particular person in the records.  There are very active Online Parish Clerks in some areas of the country, and none at all in others. There is a list on Genuki here, but this is not complete; there may be an Online Parish Clerk for parts of Norfolk, for example.  It’s best to search the parish and “online parish clerk” to confirm whether there is one for a parish you are interested in.

I noticed a question on one of the Facebook family history groups this morning about Devon, which is blessed with a number of Online Parish clerks.  The best place to find links to these is Genuki, although some of the links (and the Online Parish Clerks) may have expired.  Devon also has a free heritage page, which gives a lot of background information about particular towns and villages which might be of use to someone writing a family history.

It’s always worth searching for an Online Parish Clerk for a parish you are researching.  Or you could volunteer to be the Online Parish Clerk for a parish – people think that they are necessarily located in the same place as the parish, but this is usually not the case.  Many Online Parish Clerks are hundreds of miles away from their parish.  For this reason, if you want information about the physical location of the parish or local information, you may do better to find a page on Facebook for the place, or to ask on Rootschat for information from a local.


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