My Services

My services divide into four main areas:

Family history research: original research on your family tree from whatever information you are able to supply.  How long this will take does depend upon a number of factors, including what surnames are involved, how much detail you know about your parents and grandparents, how much detail you have about locations and dates going further back.  I estimate around 25-30 hours of research will usually get a family tree back to the beginning of the 19th century.

Family history writing: writing a family history either using research provided by you, or research done by me.  I have been a writer for 30 years, and worked as an editor and writer in the City before I had my children.  I am able to take your information and turn it into a narrative explanation of the history of your family.

Biographies and memorials: In the short time available between the death of my father and his funeral, I compiled a slideshow of his life to share with people who came to celebrate his life in the gathering we held afterwards.  I have been encouraged to offer this service to people too, not necessarily for a funeral, but for anniversaries and birthdays too.  Obviously, for other people’s families I will have to obtain information about a person’s life, and suitable photographs to put into a celebration, but I can also research and find images to add some colour to the story.

Family History Consultancy: any family historian reaches brickwalls in their research.  Sometimes a fresh eye on a problem can find a solution.  We all have different ways of looking at things, different experiences, which can lead to a fresh angle on old problems.

I know that when looking at buying genealogical services, the cost is a concern.  I charge an hourly rate, and details about my prices are available on my prices page.